To enhance your escape to Bali, Uluwatu Sunset Hills provides some activities for you to explore.

Embrace the beauty of Bali as you savor the luxurious pampering at Uluwatu Sunset Hills.

Private Yoga Lessons

Do you want to have a private yoga class in your villa here at Uluwatu Sunset Hills? Uluwatu Sunset Hills provides private yoga lessons with an expert yoga teacher for those who want to delve deeper and advance their yoga practice. We have more than 10 experienced yoga teachers to choose from, and we can put together a custom-tailored program to help you with your current practice. We have the facilities to provide large, pool side, daily lessons boasting breathtaking views of the ocean. Uluwatu Sunset Hills is also a great place to attend or hold a yoga retreat.
We often run yoga retreats hosted by esteemed yoga professionals, and are always open to welcoming new retreats and hosts.

Surf Lessons

Uluwatu is one of the best surfing destinations in the world. Surf lessons can be catered for abilities ranging from total novice to carving experts. Several surf schools have set up shop within Bali’s southern tip. During your stay in Uluwatu, you’ll realise that surf runs through the veins of this beach-loving region. Here are four of the best schools to get you on board: Padang Padang Surf Camp Bali, Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School, Balangan Wave Surf School Bali and Infinite Wave School And Camp.

Balinese Purification

A purification ceremony is called Melukat. The Melukat ceremony is a ritual to cleanse the body -both spiritually and physically, from our present life as well as past life. The negative elements are cleaned by washing the body in holy water. This experience provides a healing ritual in order to understand the magical mysteries of Balinese spirituality . The Balinese believe that water is one of the forces of life. The spiritual ritual may take place in the mountains, where the rivers meet and are fed by natural spring water which feeds the organic crops that grow in the area. This ritual can be done in several places such as Campuhan, the sea and other holy places that have holy water fountains. These places include: Tirta Empul Temple, Sebatu Purification, Tirta Sudamala and many more.

Agnihotra Fire Ceremony

Agnihotra Fire Ceremony is one of the oldest spiritual healing and meditation practices of Hindu rituals. This ceremony is related with agni or fire. This spiritual technique was a type of fire worship which was practiced by Indian saints thousands of years back. This practice can also be called Yagna, which is a form of fire worship, but it is much bigger. Agnihotrahoma can become a complimentary shakti or energy for all of us to live in very close relation with nature.

This ceremony is held to release negative energy and feelings.

After lighting the sacrificial fire, 700 mantras will be sung. Coconuts are used to focus your thoughts and feelings. This ceremony is performed to burn negative thoughts and feelings in the sacred fire.

Massage and Body Treatments

Transcend into total bliss and relaxation at Uluwatu Sunset Hills. Immerse yourself in a delightful wellness oblivion with an array of treatments. We offer a diverse menu of customized spa treatments and therapies. Our professional spa therapists draw on both ancient Balinese healing traditions and modern practices to create a holistic experience designed to replenish the body and relax the mind.

Bahasa Lessons

Do you want to explore more of the culture of Indonesia? We host bahasa lessons given by esteemed professional teachers.

Meditation & Breath Work

Uluwatu Sunset Hills provides private meditation & breath work lessons with an expert teacher. Meditation and breath work can create a deeper connection with yourself, helping you stay calm and focused. It also can help decrease overall stress and anxiety and optimize your performance. This practice is made for anyone looking to live with greater energy and calm, along with having a desire to awaken their energetic potential. Learning specific breathwork practices help uplift, cleanse, balance your energy system, and calm the body and mind.  

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At Uluwatu Sunset Hills, the clouds are always dancing against a mesmerizing backdrop of colors, making each sunrise and sunset more magical than the last.

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